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Ditto is my newest passion project... because I know what it feels like to deliver great work and never get paid for it. Ditto is a SaaS platform that gives independent workers more control over their income flow and streamlines client communication by linking project deliverables to payment.


Ditto creates a reliable link between work well-done and compensation well-earned.

Did you know that independent, freelance and contract workers are expected to make up 60% of the workforce by 2027? The workforce is moving in this direction because it makes a lot of sense for both sides of the aisle: workers get the flexibility and autonomy they desire, and clients get well trained, efficient workers without all the limitations of hiring and firing, providing benefits, and the oversight associated with salaried employees. Ditto is a tool designed to support the demands of this changing workforce. Currently, the #1 pain point amongst independent workers is payment. They're not getting paid on time, they typically have to wait long periods before their invoices are satisfied, and in some cases, they're not getting paid at all. From a product perspective, Ditto does a lot of things: It's a tool for contracting, invoicing, and managing workflows. It's a tool for keeping clients up-to-speed on project progress and allows for nimble changes to scope, as needed. But most importantly from a brand strategy perspective, Ditto is ushering in this new generation of workers by solving their biggest pain point: lack of reliable payment in exchange for reliable, high-quality work.


Ditto re-thinks and optimizes every piece of the freelancer-client relationship, from proposal to invoice.

In order to change the way freelancers are paid, Ditto as a product must change the way we view the entire freelancer, client relationship, from project proposal to final invoice. Ditto creates contracts that are flexible enough to account for changes to scope and timeline by breaking projects up into micro-deliverables that correspond to pre-agreed payment amounts. These contracts live within the platform and can be nimbly changed and updated as the scope of work changes. Ditto holds the funds to satisfy each deliverable in escrow, and payment is released once the freelancer and client both agree that the phase of work is complete. This system eliminates the needs for high-ticket deposits and after-project invoicing, a current pain point identified by both freelancers and their clients. Ditto make sure that the project is well documented and ensures not only that the freelancer will get paid, but also provides insight into when they'll be paid.


Promotion through partnership

Our team hopes to have an MVP product ready by late summer or early fall 2019. Given the close-knit freelancer community, we will start with a partnership strategy to gain traction during launch. We have netted beta-user commitments from freelancer communities like Freelancing Females and Brand Federation, as well as individual commitments from our pre-launch campaign. We'll use these partnerships to gain traction with users while building brand credibility through partnerships with these trusted freelancer resources.


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