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Slay Like a Mother is a community organization, content collective and social movement for mothers who believe that moms are better when acting together and supporting one another.


Your best mom friend multiplied by 10,000

The vision for Slay Like a Mother is to create a tribe of mothers that's all support, and no mommy wars. The brand was conceived based on years of research with mothers under parent company, The Mom Complex, who works with large B2B clients to create better products, services, innovation pipelines, and marketing messages for women and mothers.

Slay Like a Mother research shows that 9 out of 10 mothers live with self-doubt, and it affects their lives in areas like friendships, perception of appearance, relationships with spouses and significant others, financial decisions, and of course, parenting. Slay Like a Mother was created to be a resource that helps mothers combat self-doubt by surrounding them with a supportive community of women and offers crowd-sourced and mom-approved tips for "slaying" everything from divorce to the carpool pickup.

Modern news and reports on motherhood would suggest that the "mommy wars" are between attachment and tiger moms or stay-at-home and working moms. Slay Like a Mother has recognized and solved for the understanding that the real mommy war is within the inner-psyche of the mother herself. Slay Like a Mother is a resource for women seeking to destroy self-doubt to live the lives they want.


The internet's only truly non-judgmental space for mothers

Throughout the course of our product discovery phase, one-on-one interviews with mothers revealed that one of these biggest pain points when it comes to finding parenting tips or motherhood inspiration online is too much noise. It's difficult to know what information is relevant, much less helpful. The Slay Like a Mother platform prioritizes relevant, helpful tips and tricks written by mothers. This comes through in a few ways:

From a Thought Leadership Perspective: Slay Like a Mother shares "collections" of content, organized by topic that the advisory team deems especially helpful in solving for problem X.

From a Product Design Perspective: The product is built to reward the creation of good content, and we've taken cues from the top social community platforms to inform intuitive methods of interaction for prioritizing top content. Much like Pinterest, users can "save" tips that they'd like to try. Much like Reddit or Facebook, users can "clap" for tips that they have tried and were successful in their own lives. Much like LinkedIn, users can endorse other platform users for having good tips, or being experts in areas like childbirth, medical care, school-aged children, etc. The system uses the feedback from these mechanisms to prioritize the best and most relevant content for each user.

Unlike most social sites, Slay Like a Mother doesn't allow for commenting. This is because we don't want to encourage competition between mothers with different styles or approaches to solving their problems. For any given topic on Slay Like a Mother, you might find 10-20 different ways to "slay;" not only is that dissonance OK- it's encouraged, and in line with the brand and platform vision for a more unified modern motherhood through celebration of unique and individual experiences of motherhood.


Highlighting the personality behind the company

Slay Like a Mother launched in March 2019 with a launch strategy to reflect a heavy focus on PR, and the inspiration behind the brand movement. The company's founder, Katherine Wintsch recently published her first self-help book entitled (can you guess?) Slay Like a Mother. Katherine is also the founder of the parent company, The Mom Complex. Our launch strategy and early strategy to gain traction has included a heavy focus on promoting Katherine as a thought leader and trusted resource when it comes to all-things motherhood.

As we continue to scale the company, the focus will eventually shift from the book + personality behind the thought leader, to the Slay Like a Mother Movement. We are actively building new brand experiences that focus on this movement towards a more unified motherhood. Exciting updates to come!


Tips, tricks and "Damn, how'd she think of that?" moments written by mothers, for mothers

From a content perspective, Slay Like a Mother is a gold-mine. By design, the content is crowd-sourced, which makes it valuable for a multitude of reasons: it's verified advice for moms on the platform, it's full of marketing insights and innovation inspiration, and its self-feeding content machine.

Slay Like a Mother is essentially, in its early years, a content collective, so having a clear perspective and a reliable brand-voice permeating all experiences of the brand is of utmost importance. In a word, Slay Like a Mother content is utilitarian, but the tone is one of your friendly, fun, non-judgmental mom friend. Whether consuming content on Slay Like a Mother's Instagram page, browsing "slays" on the platform, or reading an edition of our bi-weekly newsletter, the content is consistently clear and utilitarian, but delivered with a lighthearted tone.


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