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Torch is an instant crime reporting app that lets users submit anonymous tips directly to law enforcement.

Though Torch successfully launched in major markets around the county, they were having issues gaining traction with users in Miami due to a population highly characterized of undocumented immigrants. Despite the assurance of anonymity, this population is highly mistrustful of law enforcement and unlikely to engage with an app with such a close tie to the police force.


Trust in Torch

Throughout the course of our research via one-on-one interviews, social sour, and review of secondary research reports, we discovered a few important features of the Miami populous that differentiate it from other areas of the country:

To address the multifaceted nature of Miami's diverse population, we came up with three hyper-targeted campaigns to speak to key audiences that we identified as (a) most likely to use Torch and (b) the ones who can benefit from Torch the most.

Our Campaign was unified by an overarching concept:

#NuestroMiami, or the promise of a new Miami to serve all of Miami's diverse population.

Key Campaign Messages:

Parks are for Play: Encouraging a largely immigrant populous dwelling in rough neighborhoods to reclaim their parks and trusting in law enforcement to make it happen.

Actually Anonymous: A series of all-Spanish ads in majority-immigrant neighborhoods of Miami with messaging reinforcing the idea of anonymity and downplaying the role of law enforcement.

Empowering Everyday Heroes: General messaging encouraging everyday community members engaged in the #NuestroMiami movement to turn clicktivism into activism.

Rudimentary campaign creative to bring the concepts to life.


Torch has hit a stand-still due to lack of funding. While the app is still functional and available, all marketing efforts have been stalled until they can recruit their next round of funding.


Consumer Research • Landscape Analysis • Launch Strategy • Product Recommendations • Strategic Messaging and Copywriting • Creative Concepts

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