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As the brand manager for all of Easton Porter Group's east coast luxury properties, I had the opportunity to re-think and optimize their earned media content strategies. Here's a quick overview of my impact on the digital presence of one of my favorite brands, a boutique hotel in Charleston, SC called Zero George Street.

Photo by Eric Kelley


Bringing the physical to life on digital channels

Zero George offers the sort of stay that makes you forget that you traveled to a see a destination, not just to stay in a hotel room. Every detail, from the flickering lanterns that adorn the piazzas to the soft patina on the hotel's exterior has been carefully curated by the venue's owner, and world-renowned event planner Lynn Easton. Every aspect of the physical experience had been carefully considered, then re-worked an considered again. My job was to make sure that the same level of care came to life digitally.

While at Easton Porter Group, I re-worked their content strategy by spearheading a number of campaigns to bring their flawless physical experiences to life in a digital sphere. Here's anoverview of one of my favorite campaigns:

Zero Stakes Sweepstakes

We partnered with local influencer Lucy Cuneo to bring the Zero George experience to life online using everyone's favorite tactic: an Instagram giveaway. Every aspect of a stay in the hotel is carefully curated, and extremely luxe. The Zero Stakes Sweepstakes offered our followers on Instagram the opportunity to experience the very best of what Zero George has to offer, from or complimentary packages like a daily wine and cheese hour for all hotel guests, to luxury packages that any guest has the option to book, like a one-on-one cooking class with our world-renowned chef, Vinson Petrillo. The campaign ran for one month, and our winner was a Charleston local, which we loved, because at Zero George's price point, it can often be difficult to make these luxury experiences available to the local community.

The contest resulted in 1,000 new Instagram followers for Zero George, increased brand awareness in the local community that lead to an uptick of "staycations" booked in the fringe seasons, and a vetted (and wonderful!) social media partner in Lucy Cuneo.


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